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Get free, unlimited, music distribution with HRDRV Distribution

Get started for free by registering when you login on HRDRVJust click "Release"

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Why use HRDRV Distribution?

  • Free, unlimited, global music distribution to 100+ services

  • Complete control of your own release uploads and takedowns

  • Ability to save and finish releases later

  • Release singles and albums with multiple primary artists or featured artists

  • Easy split pay between collaborators

  • Free Shazam/Siri Delivery

  • Free barcodes and ISRC codes

  • Free iTunes pre-orders

  • Free delivery to new stores

  • Free pre-saves and release day smartURLs

  • Private streaming links for uploaded releases

  • Spotify and Apple Analytics

  • VEVO and Apple Music channel creation and video uploads

  • HRDRV+ Roku & Amazon Fire TV video uploads

  • Royalty payments direct to your bank account (you keep 95%)

  • Automatic inclusion on HRDRV Spotify Playlists every week

  • Dedicated support team

  • Publishing administration and NFT creation/reselling on the way

Want to transfer your releases to HRDRV Distribution?

Click here to find out how to transfer your catalog from DistroKid (or any other distributor) to HRDRV Distribution.


How to set up your Artist Profiles

Get all the info you need here to properly set up your artist profiles on all major platforms.


What happens to my releases if I cancel my HRDRV membership?

Absolutely nothing! Your releases stay in stores (unless you delete them or ask us to). However, you will not be able to upload anything new.

I get an error trying to upload my artwork. What gives?

Your artwork needs to be 10MB or less and 3000x3000 pixels. Then it will work! If HRDRV made the artwork, ask the designer to resize it if needed. You can also quickly resize it yourself with a site like - just create a custom size (3000x3000 px), drag your artwork in, fit it to the page, and download it as a JPEG.

Will all previous HRDRV releases rollover automatically from DistroKid to HRDRV Distribution?

No, this process will not be automatic - however, you can easily transfer your catalog from DistroKid (or any distributor) yourself! Click here for more info on catalog transferring. After you re-upload your releases to HRDRV Distribution, just email with the releases we need to remove from DistroKid. Please note: You can keep all previous releases with us on DistroKid if you'd like. We will never remove them unless you ask us to - plus, our DistroKid account will always be in good standing for you.

How does HRDRV get their 5%?

Our 5% commission on streaming royalties is automatically deducted from your payouts. This means you can enter splits out of 100% now and not do any weird math!

Is there a place to upload lyrics? 

Lyrics are the next thing on the roadmap. Hang tight :) 

It says not having a secondary genre is an error during upload. What do I do?

Just enter a secondary genre please :) 


Do I HAVE to set a release date that's 2 weeks away?
No you don't, it's just a strong recommendation for playlisting opportunities and to ensure your release is out on every platform on the date you choose. Every platform's acceptation rate is different! But, go ahead and set a release date for as soon as you'd like.

It didn't find the Spotify or Apple profile I need to link... can I enter one manually?

If the artist has a unique name it will normally go to the right profile automatically regardless of mapping in the system, but if there are a bunch of identical names on services already it's best practice to have it mapped prior to delivery. The team here spends a lot of time helping artists get their profiles set up properly, so just email with the correct profile links and the name of your release and we'll update it.

Release dates are formatted as DD/MM/YY - we know, confusing for Americans! But that's the format most of the world uses and HRDRV is an international platform. So if you happen to be American, just know the release date you choose will be formatted as DD/MM/YY - not MM/DD/YY.

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